Minimal p2p file transfer

No cloud, no file limit, no bullshit, just simple and fast sharing for the web you want.


Is FileLove secure?

In BitTorrent, there is no additional encryption of transfers between users, but no content or metadata like file names or sizes ever touch our server. As every other peer-to-peer torrent service, your public IP is exposed to an open tracker. If you don't trust this entity, simply don't use FileLove. As always, don't share pirated stuff.

Why can't anyone connect to my seed?

If you're behind a company firewall or otherwise closed network, connection is not possible right now because of lacking TURN server.

How can I improve transfer speed?

All modern browsers throttle activity for background tabs. Keep your FileLove tab active and in foreground while transfering stuff.

It takes literally ages to connect, why?

Maybe your device is using a VPN or any other proxy. Mobile networks could affect this, too.

My tab crashed. What happened?

Probaby you ran out of RAM, as FileLove keeps files directly in memory. Try another browser or split files into smaller pieces.

This doesn't work at all on my iPhone!

Since iOS 15 seeding and leeching doesn't work properly, see bug report. A workaround is to turn off "WebRTC Platform UDP Sockets" in the Safari -> Advanced -> Experimental Features.

This issue has been fixed in iOS 15.4. Proper transfer connection might take a while to establish though.

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